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WealthLuxe is top rated in customer satisfaction, affordability, and speed. The American Dream isn’t complete without an excellent FICO score. Live up to your fullest potential, be American strong — be credit strong!

Avoid High Fees

Americans with excellent credit scores save more than $40,000 in total interest paid for the life of a mortgage.

Delete Negative Items

Millions of Americans have inaccuracies that can be removed by our team of world-class credit experts.

Build Your Credit

Once our team has successfully helped you to repair your credit, we move into next phase of building credit.

Credit Repair

WealthLuxe credit repair is on a mission to help millions of people restore & repair their credit so that they can reach their highest potential in business and in life.

24/7 Monitoring

Once we’ve helped you get an excellent credit score it is very important that we continue to monitor your credit reports for any inaccuracies or changes that may affect your score.

Identity Theft

More than 15 million people last year were victim to identity theft. Our team at WealthLuxe Credit Solutions specializes in helping identity theft victims clean up their credit.

Proven Credit Repair Process


Free Credit Report Evaluation

Our team will evaluate your top 3 credit reports to help you identify where you stand and what can be done to help you successfully get excellent credit.


Credit Repair Plan

Once we’ve identified where you stand we then create a personal credit repair plan for you that will keep your experts on track to the credit goal in mind.


WealthLuxe Handles Creditors For You

Now that you have a personal credit repair plan, it’s time for WealthLuxe’s credit experts to get to work and put your creditors in check with our very powerful strategies.

We are driven by our core values & success principles

Credit isn’t just a score, it’s a way of life. You need credit in almost every aspect of business and life. That’s why having better scores can really help you financially and physically! That’s why at WealthLuxe we treat our customers like family and really aim to help you increase your credit scores over time while helping you build great credit!


On average, WealthLuxe Credit Solutions helps thousands of people a month boss up their credit. Are you next?


WealthLuxe Credit Repair clients are on average seeing 50+ point increases in a 60 to 90 day period. That's Fast!


We make sure to focus on the 3 main credit bureaus that affect people the most. Let's boss up!


Our credit solutions team does everything for you. All you have to do is just sit back & relax, we'll boss you up in no time.

The Best Experience Ever

"I had a credit score of 432 and I went up to 634! I'm so excited to share with you guys what this company has done for me! Listen this company is actually changing lives of those in our community and around the world."
Jennifer L.
WealthLuxe Credit Client

You Deserve The Best

Frequently asked questions

Most of our clients see results within the first 45 days, and in 90 days customers have seen increases of up to 100+ points just from the world-class team at WealthLuxe Credit Repair.

In many cases though the negative item may be accurate, but that doesn’t mean that it is valid and able to be reporting on your credit report. A lot of the time the original creditor sells off the debt to a collection agency. Over time debts may be sold 3-5 times or more, and with each sale the collection agencies get sloppier and sloppier in most cases. There are laws in place to protect consumers from this.

Absolutely! In fact, in many cases it will benefit you to get started as quickly as possible with our services here at WealthLuxe Credit Solutions. Speak with one of our credit experts today and see what we can do.

Absolutely! We only work for you if you want us to! When you have bossed up your credit, or if you want to simply cancel your account you can cancel at anytime. No cancellation fees, no contracts, no drama. We want to serve you and boss up your credit!

Here at WealthLuxe we like to keep it simple. To get started with our services it’s $199 which includes a free credit consultation, a deep credit analysis and your first month of credit repair. After that it’s only $99/month for as long as you want our world-class experts to continue working on your credit. We told you it was simple!

Empowering America

WealthLuxe is proud to have helped thousands of people from all over the United States increase their credit scores, so they can get qualified for homes, cars, and investments. Get Started today and see why our company WealthLuxe is rated #1 in Credit Repair!